Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Seating Charts

Before I get to the seating chart saga, here is a picture of the Respect bulletin board that I made from the activity in the last post.

And here's a shot of my completed F.Y.I board at the front of the room. I made the agenda poster with printable weekday labels from Lesson Plan SOS. They were small, so I printed them at 150%. So cute!

Okay, now for the seating chart drama. I never can decide the best way to go about doing seating charts. I've used the old-fashioned paper and pencil, the high-tech automatic chart maker with the kids' pictures, and everything in between. I loved the program we had when I taught in another district, but there is nothing like that here. SO, after much trial and error last night, I finally found a couple of good programs.

The first one is Happy Class. It's very sleek and modern - like the Instagram of seating charts. It even lets you designate which students shouldn't sit together! You can create one class for free, which I did. It was easy to use, and I was JUST about to pay the $15/year to add my other five classes. But then I printed the chart and discovered that the printout doesn't have the cute little desk icons that are on the screen. It just prints the students' names. I can get that for free on...

Instant Classroom from Super Teacher Tools. Sure, they have annoying ads, and the design isn't as alluring as Happy Class...but it's free. I was able to copy and paste the kids' names from the Excel docs I created, so setting up the classes was super easy! Now I can rearrange all six classes to my heart's content AND put the kids into groups with the Group Maker tool. I'm happy.

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