Thursday, June 27, 2013

Books, Books, and more Books!

It's still summer...and I'm going to enjoy every fun, lazy, sunny minute of it...but I have to admit I'm getting excited about next fall. I LOVE books...I LOVE reading, writing, and talking about them. So I don't mind giving up a few days of my summer to attend a workshop...Literacy Lab with Ken Stamatis, a man who loves books even more than I do! I'll be posting Lit Lab ideas and activities throughout the year. Here is Ken's "So Many Books, So Little Time" list for 2012-13. Looks like some great summer reads. The Lost Crown, about the Romanov princesses, will be on my Nook before the day is over! I took these crooked pics with my phone. Click HERE for a nice, neat (straight) PDF of the list.


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